Excursions to the coast Costa Brava and Costa del Maresme
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Excursions and transfers from Barcelona to Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Nice, Monaco and other cities
  • Reduced groups, no more than 8 people, to travel with comfort
  • Stops wherever you request, not only in typical touristic places
  • In a comfortable minivan with air conditioning, Wi-Fi and a professional audio guide system
Transfers from Barcelona to any city in Spain and nearest countries
Much easier, less expensive and more comfortable than travelling by train or airplane.
Price doesn't depend on a date like when you book a train or plane, and you even save on luggage.
Transfer can be combined with an excursion.

Your driver is your guide, who knows everything about Spain
Our vehicle has a taxi license, which gives an acces to places where personal transport is not allowed
for examle, pedestrian zones.
The whole group can sit in the same vehicle with enough space for the luggage.
No need to pay for another vehicle.
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Travel in a premium class vehicle
Minibar with cold drinks
Large luggage compartment
Child safety seats
Audio guide system
Take a look at Spain guided by professionals who are in love with the country
What cheese to bring from Spain?
Try Manchego - a type of hard Spanish cheese made with sheep milk. Its name comes from the breed of sheeps called "manchega", from Castile-La Manche. This cheese was mentioned in Don Quixote by Cervantes.

How does the church feel about the Christmas lottery?
Clergymen actively participate in the celebration. St. Ildefonso school students in Madrid spin the drums and take out the lottery balls. They sing the winning numbers in tune to church hymns, which gives the event a less sinful appearance.
What plant is it?
This is a strawberry tree or arbutus. Its fruit are similar to strawberries. They are sweet and used for making jams. It is on this tree that the bear leans on the coat of arms of the City of Madrid.

Where can you ride a skateboard in Spain?
Go to Barcelona. The legendary MACBA, Paral-lel, Sants, Forum, Fondo, Barceloneta, Beer Banks, Arc de Triomf, Mercado, Universitat, Molins de Rei, which constantly appear on professional skate videos, are there!
A tiny country in the heart of the Pyrenees, which is visited by 8–9 million of tourists annually, while its population is about 80,000. There are only 200 km of paved roads, but about 300 km of ski slopes. A part from that, Andorra is a duty free trade zone. Average prices for alcohol, tobacco, perfumes, watches and jewelry are 15-20% lower than in neighboring Spain or France. We help to organize interesting and comfortable breaks in Andorra, offer transfer, hotels, SPA tickets and ski passes.
Andorra — the snow pearl of our collection
15% discount on transfer from anywhere within 100 km from Barcelona if you purchase the "Transfer to Andorra + ski pass" package
When booking a transfer to Andorra from anywhere within 100 km of Barcelona.

Graduated from the University of Tourism in Mexico City. Later worked as a professor in history of culture and touristic geography at the same University.

Since I moved to Spain, I have kept on working in the field of tourism. I was a representative of air companies, manager of a travel agency, a guide and a driver on excursion tours throughout Spain; I am well-versed in local customs, national cuisine and wine.

I will introduce you to non-tourist Spain. The one I know and love myself.
My passion is to make your holiday interesting, to reveal the secrets of sights, to bring to attention the unusual in everyday life. Every excursion with me is an unforgettable journey leading into the depth of history
Dusan, Professional guide with more than 30 years of experience.

Cocktail Voyage team in love with Spain
I have lived in Spain for over 20 years. Of these, 15 work in tourism as a guide-Manager and coordinator, I select tours, hotels and tickets. I help guests to discover Spain from the best side!
For me, travelling is the only thing in the world that makes you richer as you buy
Marina Gubareva
Director of the Cocktail Voyage Travel Agency
Taste Spain, inhale its aromas, feel the beat and mood
Choose the right tour
Frequently asked Questions:
below you can find answers to your questions
How many stops on a daytrip (transfer) is possible to do?
Maximum 3 stops, but it always depends on how many miles we have between departure point and destination point.
    May I book more than one transfer (several days) with the same driver?
    Yes, it is possible to book several days. The extra cost for a transfer as the overnight for the driver wouldn't be charged. You can consider it as a discount for taking several transfers with the same vehicle and the same driver.
      How can I pay the service?
      You can pay it by your credit card. For accepting your booking, you need to pay at least 30% of the whole amount and the rest you can pay on the spot by credit card or in cash. The payment…
        There is any extra cost if we stop for 1 or 2 hours to have a lunch in any restaurant?
        No, on the long trips the tourist need to eat something and we always stop for a lunch.
          How many luggage accept this car?
          The minivan has its limits and this one is the extra-large. There is no longer minivan as this one, but there is a limit. Maximum 5 big pieces of luggage + 5 small (hand luggage).
            Can we choose a stop on a daytrip (transfer) that is not shown in a pricelist?
            Of course, but it has to be relatively close to the main itinerary. If there are many miles to detour, there will be an extra cost, depending of distance.
              Can I stay for a more time than 90 minutes on each stop?
              Yes, of course. You can use 90 minutes for the visit of the place plus extra time for the lunch. Some of the tourist prefer to have a quick lunch at the restaurant on the petrol stations on the highway and some prefer to choose a typical restaurant in a tourist resort. If the tourist need more time than 90 minutes for the visit, for example, visit of any of museums in the same city, they can do that, but the longest daytrip should be 12 hours, including driving plus stops.
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                Office address on the Costa Brava-Maresme:
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                Santa Susanna – BARCELONA
                Marina Gubareva

                + 34 649 121 941
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                Marina Gubareva

                + 34 649 121 941
                WhatsApp , Viber , Telegram

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