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and wine cellars

Montserrat and wine cellars

A trip to Mount Montserrat with a visit to a wine cellar is a trip for body and soul. During this trip you can taste Spain, enjoy it to the full and collect a lot of impressions. Breathtaking panoramas, a special atmosphere of the place, architectural and natural beauty will surely become vivid memories of the trip.
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Prices for the trip to Montserrat depend on the selected format.
up to 10 hours
Departure time:
Price includes:
vehicle, guide.
Additional costs:
museum tickets, beverages, meals and souvenirs at your discretion.
The trip to Montserrat will acquaint you with the history of this legendary place. The mountain 1236 meters high consists of several rocks and the unusual landscape is complimented by the austere outline of the monastery.

One more attraction of the place is the boys' choir, whose performance one can hear almost every day except a few days off and summer holidays. Being one of the most ancient children's choirs, it is known far beyond Spain.

After the eventful excursion around Montserrat we will move to the no less impressive part of Spanish culture – wine tasting. Visiting wine cellars is so popular in this country for a reason: in this way you can not only relax with a glass of wine, but to really taste Spain learning more about its culture and history. The program includes a trip to one of the two famous wine cellars: Cavas Codorniu or Bodega Torres.

Mount Montserrat
Fantastic landscapes and ancient sacred objects make the mountain attractive for hikers, pilgrims and just admirers of great views.
Montserrat Monastery
The great energy of the monastery of the 11th century is mentioned by all who visit it, and the believers are impressed by the sacred objects located here.
Wine cellars Bodega Torres
The history of this wine-making company dates back to the 19th century, and traditions of taste and quality are still highly appreciated today. Bodegas Torres is a family winery founded by the brothers Jaime and Miguel Torres in 1870. Torres is the largest known wine maker brand in the world, exporting wine to 150 countries. It was back in 1979 when it won the first prize during the tasting in Paris
Wine cellars Cavas Codorniu
Here you can learn about the history of sparkling wine and appreciate the architectural masterpiece of the wine-making complex. Codorniu is the largest sparkling wine cellar in the world, the family history dating back to 1551. It is the well-known winery of Catalonia - Codorniu; it is here that the aristocratic beverage CAVA (dry sparkling wine) is made. The annual production volume reaches 48 million bottles!
Private tour (mini-group from up to 4 people)
Cost for a group from 1 to 4 people
480 €
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