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Trip to Montserrat

Mount Montserrat is a place where the interests of believers, history lovers and active recreation lovers meet. All this is because among the unusual rocks there is one of the main shrines of Spain – the wooden Black Madonna kept in the monastery; there are great panoramic views from the mountain, and there are lots of interesting walking and climbing routes around.

During the trip to Montserrat we will see the main historical and religious sights, visit the observation site, and certainly admire the fantastic rocks of the national park.
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up to 6 hours
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vehicle, guide.
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museum tickets, beverages, meals and souvenirs at your discretion.
The trip to Montserrat in Russian will acquaint you with the history of this wonderful place. The mountain 1236 meters high consists of several rocks and impresses with its unusual look. The interest of believers to this place appeared a long time ago — we know that as early as in 11th century there were monastic cells here. And in 11th century the monastery was founded and by the 19th-20th century it had modern size.

Its main sacrament became the dark wooden figure called Black Maiden of Montserrat. In 1811 the Napoleonic army burned the monastery down, but the Black Madonna survived only thanks to the believers who hid it. In 1844 the long reconstruction began, which lasted almost a century. Many artists and architects took part in it, among who was Antonio Gaudi.

Today the stern outlines of the monastery are replaced by the rich interior decoration, and the boys' choir sings so beautifully that it is considered one of the best in Europe and also became a local attraction. You can enjoy it daily except for summer holidays.
Mount Montserrat
Fantastic landscapes and ancient sacred objects make the mountain attractive for hikers, pilgrims and just admirers of great views.
Montserrat Monastery
The great energy of the monastery of the 11th century is mentioned by all who visit it, and the believers are impressed by the sacred objects located here.
Private tour (mini-group up to 4 people)
Cost for a group from 1 to 4 people
380 €
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