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How to diversify your vacation in Barcelona: extreme and unusual entertainment

Does Barcelona mean Gaudi? Or helicopter flights, surfing and piloting a Formula 1 car? All of the above! And a lot of unusual entertainment that is available in the vicinity of the city and in the province of Barcelona.

Barcelona from the air

You can enjoy Catalonia from a bird's eye view in different ways, choosing an adventure according to the degree of extreme and your budget.
Flying a hot-air balloon
You can get up in the air and explore the surrounding area in such a romantic way right in the suburbs of Barcelona. An hour-long flight may include flying over the city, mount Montserrat, or the coast. During your trip, you can treat yourself to cava – the famous Catalan sparkling wine, and you will have incredible photos that not every tourist can boast of.
Helicopter tours in Barcelona
Despite the fact that this transport is less romantic, it has its advantages: less dependence on weather conditions, completely different distances, and the ability to see much more. Popular helicopter tours in Barcelona are trips to the famous winery or to a restaurant on the coast, and, interestingly, the price for such a trip is almost the same as the one in a balloon.
Parachute jumps
To see Barcelona from a height and experience the feeling of flight that will remain in the memory for a lifetime is an offer for daredevils, and they definitely get a reward for their courage. Jumping in tandem with an instructor involves ground safety instruction but does not require special training. For such an adventure, you will need a pre-registration and a day with good windless weather.
In the province of Barcelona, there are two places where you can fly with an instructor as entertainment or seriously learn this fascinating sport. Paragliding is available near Manresa, which is about an hour's drive, and in Ager, 175 km from Barcelona. Adventures can be combined with a walk through the sparsely populated, but very beautiful places – both cities attract people by their rich history in the form of ancient castles, luxury basilicas and cozy stone streets.

Auto- and motorsports

Fans of technology and speed are in for exciting experience, starting from 4-wheelers, and ending with a race on the Formula 1 track.
This original transport allows you to take a breezy ride around the surrounding area of Barcelona. You can go on excursions as a group or individually and explore the nearby castles, vineyards, and small towns.

Go-kart racing in Barcelona
Everyone can feel like a racing driver on a professional track at a go-kart center. Serious competitions and amateur races are held here, and the winding track is interesting for drivers of all levels. In your free time from the competition, you can ride with your family in a quiet environment.

Formula-1 in Barcelona
The famous circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia is the venue for Formula 1 and Formula 2, as well as GT and motorcycle racing. Here the best drivers train and win, and now you have the opportunity to ride Formula 3 cars, as well as the legendary Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini every Wednesday by appointment.

Water entertainment in Barcelona

We already wrote about surfing in Spain and Catalonia, so we will not dwell on this. Moreover, there are a lot of adventures on the sea in Barcelona for every taste.

Beach entertainment
In addition to the standard set of volleyball, "banana" tubing and parasailing, Barcelona has a fairly well-developed rental service of water scooters, on which you can arrange mini trips. Rental centers are usually located in the suburbs or on the beaches of small resorts. Along with the jet ski, you will get a life jacket and insurance.

Yachting in Barcelona
You can rent a boat or take yachting lessons almost everywhere along the coast of Spain. In Barcelona itself, the choice is more than impressive – you can take an easy-to-manage boat for a ride, try sailing lessons, or hire a yacht with a team for an entire voyage.

There are many diving centers on the coast of Catalonia. Both beginners and experienced divers dive here – there is all the necessary equipment, qualified instructors, and interesting places for this purpose. But the really unusual diving in Barcelona is the shark dive available in the aquarium in the Old Port. It is famous for its collection of about 400 species of fish, which can be viewed from the outside, but you must agree, looking at fish through the glass or swimming with predators is a very different experience.

There are many other ideas what to do in Barcelona: mountaineering on Mount Montserrat, walking tours of the surrounding area, Ironman, all sorts of master classes... And generally, excursions in Barcelona are so diverse that every vacation you can choose a new activity. The Cocktail Voyage Agency will help you fill your trip with comfort and great impressions!
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